Monday, January 12, 2015


Happy New Year, family, lovers, and friends!

Sorry for the MAJOR delay in posting.  It's been a crazy semester!

And now here I am, for semester #2, heading back to classes and excited to hit the ground running!

Here are some highlights from last semester... (Not pictured: a wonderful visit from Aunt Annette, Uncle Bob, Phil, Brenda, and Ian!!!!!!!!)

Amazing brunches with friends

A trip to Berlin

A trip to Sderot, 1 mile from the Gaza border - that caterpillar on the playground is a bomb shelter

Hiking Har Shlomo - that's Israel and Egypt behind me

The most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen in the Negev desert

I just can't get enough

A trip to HaPoel Jerusalem - the city's basketball team, and the opportunity to answer press questions

Hanukah decorations with some kids I volunteer with

Plenty of time in the library

XOXO - and more this semester!

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